What to do when the Auditor Stops Contacting You

My auditor hasn’t contacted me in a couple of months, what should I do?

In this scenario, it’s best to do nothing at all. The IRS doesn’t have an unlimited amount of time to finish your audit, they have 28 months since the date you filed your return to complete the audit. If the auditor is no longer contacting you, there is no point in trying to reach out to them. Why help them if they’re running out of time?

There are a couple of different reasons that the auditor has stopped contacting you. Although not likely, the auditor in charge of your case could’ve been transferred or fired mid-audit. Your case may also be dormant in a pile of other cases awaiting processing. If you’re really lucky, the auditor may have missed the deadline to close your case. You don’t ever want to remind the IRS to finish your audit nor do you want to give them more information than they request, so if the auditor doesn’t contact you, don’t go out of your way to reconnect.

Only in one instance should you take action after not receiving word from your auditor over a long period of time. The auditor is required to cut off contact if the IRS finds sufficient evidence of tax fraud and refers your case to the IRS Criminal Investigation Division. Unless you intentionally commit fraudulent activities and until you’re contacted by an IRS special agent, you shouldn’t have anything to fear from the auditor ending correspondence. In the situation that a special agent does contact you, however, seek out professional representation from the Law Offices of Jef Henninger immediately.

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